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    340822 - Introduction to Voiceovers

    How many times have you heard that? Or maybe you listen to your favorite audiobooks, commercials, or cartoon characters and think, I could do that!” Explore the voiceover industry with your instructor, a professional, working voice actor from Voices For All. Discover the current trends in the industry and how they make it easy and affordable for just about anyone to get involved. In this one-time, 2 hour, introductory class, you’ll also learn about the different types of voiceovers and the tools you’ll need to find success. Your instructor will take notes as you read a real script, and offer some coaching to improve your delivery. You will receive a professional voiceover evaluation later. You owe it to yourself to finally explore the possibilities of this fun and rewarding job!

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    Add to Cart340822-01Introduction to Voic11/16/17- 11/16/17 6:00P- 8:00PThBTR Community Center$4918 years and UpAvailableItem Details

    340825 - Meditation for Beginners

    Join Life Coach Kelli Hackett as she shares her knowledge about starting a home meditation practice. This one-night, beginning meditation workshop provides an overview of several meditation techniques, including deep breathing for relaxation, mindfulness for awareness, sound meditation for focus, and gratitude to release fear. This class is for those who have wanted to start meditating, but haven’t known where to start.

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    Read Notice340825-01Meditation for Begin09/18/17- 09/18/17 6:00P- 8:00PMBTR Community Center$3518 years and UpUnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart340825-03Meditation for Begin10/02/17- 10/02/17 6:00P- 8:00PMBTR Community Center$3518 years and UpAvailableItem Details

    340826 - Intermediate Meditation Workshop

    Dive deeper into your meditation practice with Life Coach Kelli Hackett in this one-night, intermediate meditation workshop. For those who have attended the beginner course (or who already have an established meditation practice), this class will provide an overview of advanced breathing techniques for mind/body connection, visualization for the realization of personal goals, and guided meditation to meet and heal your inner child.

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    Add to Cart340826-02Intermediate Meditation Worksh09/28/17- 09/28/17 6:00P- 8:00PThBTR Community Center$3518 years and UpAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart340826-03Intermediate Meditation Worksh10/05/17- 10/05/17 6:00P- 8:00PThBTR Community Center$3518 years and UpAvailableItem Details

    340830 - Stress Less, Move More

    The fall is a perfect time to unwind from the summer and refocus on your needs of less anxiety and increased movement. Bring a yoga mat if you have one (or 1 will be provided for you). We will use essential oils in a variety of ways, combined with simple moves and stretches that will help you feel better and give you tools to manage pain or stress.

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    Read Notice340830-01Stress Less, Move More09/20/17- 09/20/17 6:30P- 8:00PWBTR Community Center$1318 years and UpUnavailableItem Details

    340831 - Essential Oils on your Brain

    Learn the basic anatomy of the brain, primarily the limbic system. We will look how essential oils work on our brains and how oils are transferred throughout our bodies. Learn what types of oils are best for emotions and moods. We will sample and make blends of different oils to try.

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    Add to Cart340831-01Essential Oils on Your Brain10/04/17- 10/04/17 6:30P- 8:00PWBTR Community Center$1318 years and UpAvailableItem Details

    340832 - Essential Oils in Your Medicine Cabinet

    Essential Oils have so many healing properties and benefits, in this class will go through the most common medicines we take and look at how they affect our body and mind. We will then look at oils with the same healing properties and see how we can clean out our medicine cabinet for a more natural and effective approach.

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    Add to Cart340832-01Essential Oils in Your Medicine Cabinet10/18/17- 10/18/17 6:30P- 8:00PWBTR Community Center$1318 years and UpAvailableItem Details

    340833 - The Right/Left Brain Game

    We will do some fun games to see if you are a "Left brain" person or a "Right brain" person.

    What is a left brain person need? How can they stay focused, stress less, communicate better?

    What is a Right brain person? How can they be more creative, articulate, social and happy?

    When our brains get out of balance we begin to feel the effects and Essential Oils are known to calm, stimulate, focus, and relax the brain all at the same time!

    This will be a fun class with lots of information and oils to try.

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    Add to Cart340833-01The Right/Left Brain Game10/21/17- 10/21/1710:30A- 12:00PSaBTR Community Center$1318 years and UpAvailableItem Details

    340834 - Detoxify Your Home

    Learn how you can choose nontoxic, natural cleaning sprays, cleansers, and soaps! You will learn how to use essential oils and natural products that are not only better for you, but they work! Participants will take home an essential oil cleaner of your choice.

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    Add to Cart340834-01Detoxify Your Home11/09/17- 11/09/17 6:30P- 8:00PThBTR Community Center$1318 years and UpAvailableItem Details

    340835 - Natural Solutions For Your Family & Your Home

    In this essential oil class, you will experience a variety of ways to clean your home and improve air quality, as well as first aid tips! Equip yourself with time tested solutions to everyday problems.

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    Add to Cart340835-01Natural Solutions For Your Family & Your Home11/17/17- 11/17/1710:00A- 11:30AFBTR Community Center$1318 years and UpAvailableItem Details

    340836 - Essential Oils For the Holidays

    During the holidays, we all suffer from increased stress, decreased time, and as a result, compromised immunity. Essential oils can help you relax, feel better and enjoy the moment! Additionally, essential oils make great gift ideas that promote health and wellness. Don't give your family and friends another token or trifle! Give them (and yourself) pure, natural and effective essential oils.

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    Add to Cart340836-01Essential Oils For the Holidays12/05/17- 12/05/17 6:30P- 8:00PTuBTR Community Center$1318 years and UpAvailableItem Details

    340837 - Feel Better & Reduce Pain with Essential Oils

    The holidays can be a time of great stress and anxiety. Join us for an interactive class of stretches and simple exercises, combined with essential oils to reduce neck/back pain and ease anxiety.

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    Add to Cart340837-01Feel Better & Reduce Pain with Essential Oils12/13/17- 12/13/17 6:30P- 8:00PWBTR Community Center$1318 years and UpAvailableItem Details

    360830 - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

    This Gold Standard highly researched mindfulness program is for those seeking to develop a formal contemplative practice. In MBSR we learn to direct our attention to our experience as it unfolds, moment by moment, with open minded curiosity and acceptance. Rather than worry about was has happened or might happen, it trains us to respond skillfully to what is happening right now. Includes guided facilitation of sitting, eating and walking meditation, gentle mindful movement, body scan meditation, and group discussion. Appropriate for all. No experience necessary.

    Mindfulness has been shown to:
    • Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Emotional Reactivity
    • Decrease self-reported levels of Pain
    • Increase Concentration and Cognitive Function
    • Cultivate increased level of Self Compassion and Empathy
    • Improve your Sense of Overall Well-being

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    Add to Cart360830-01Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction10/03/17- 11/21/17 6:00P- 8:30PTuBTR Community Center$35018 years and UpAvailableItem Details

    360831 - Mindful Self-Compassion

    Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) is an internationally recognized, eight-week training developed by Dr. Christopher Germer and Dr. Kristin Neff. Participants will learn to: understand the science of self-compassion, practice self-compassion in daily life, motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism, meet difficult emotions with greater ease, transform challenging relationships, learn tools to manage caregiver fatigue, and teach simple self-compassion practices to others. This is an 8 week class.

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    Add to Cart360831-01Mindful Self-Compassion10/04/17- 11/22/17 9:30A- 11:30AWBTR Community Center$35018 years and UpAvailableItem Details

    440838 - New Year, New You!

    Get the body that you want using daily strategies, habits and nutritional support. All of the best intentions won't change your life... but embracing new strategies and natural solutions give you a lifetime of results - because they are easy to incorporate and they work! We will learn how to prioritize your health, give you ways to manage hunger, and teach you how to support your health from the inside out!

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    Add to Cart440838-01New Year, New You!01/10/18- 01/10/18 6:30P- 8:00PWBTR Community Center$1318 years and UpAvailableItem Details

    440839 - Men & Women's Health, Adrenal Support, & Boosting Metabolism

    We all have men and women that we care about and they all need support to be their best and power through their day! Essential oils can play a big part in helping everyone feel strong, energized and healthy all day long.

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    Add to Cart440839-01Men & Women's Health, Adrenal Support, & Boosting Metabolism01/24/18- 01/24/18 6:30P- 8:00PWBTR Community Center$1318 years and UpAvailableItem Details
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